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all the options to play with a golf guide on the Crete Golf Club

Play a 18 holes round with me as your golf guide on the beautiful Crete Golf Club. I provide a door to door and hole to hole service. Everything is included and taken care off! Click the image for more details about the items included and taken care of….

A lovely 18 holes round, divided in two times 9 with a drink in between on the beautiful Crete Golf Course. Everything you can imaging is taken care off! And after the round you go on a private tour. Click the images for more details about the items included and taken care of….

golf ball to promote the 9 holes guided round with AJ4UIf 4 hours of playing golf is to long for you, than you can decide to play a 9 holes round of golf. Incredible views during a relaxing time of sport. Also in this package everything is taken care of and included. You may wonder what –> Click the image to read the information.

Play a 9 holes round of golf, have a drink and some food in the club house and than join me on your personal tour to some interesting scenery on the island of Crete. Around two hours on the golf course and therefore more time to spent on the private trip afterwards. Click the image to read more information.

Either you’re a (complete) beginner of already capable of playing golf. The driving range facilities at the Crete Golf Club suite extremely well for an extended practise session. AJ helps you with some tips to improve your game. Putting, chipping, pitching and using the driver. All new terms for you? AJ is happy to explain them to you. Click the image a links for more information.

The driving range facilities of the Crete Golf Club suite extremely well for an extended practise session or even a first time try out in the game of Golf. I will help you with the basics. You like to experience Crete afterwards in your personal tour with as your travel partner? Press on the image for more information.

You or your partner ended up on this page, but the both of you think; well lets play golf at home, but enjoy Crete while we’re here. You are insterested in driving around but don’t like to do it yourself, or you would like to hear all these tiny details why Crete is so special. Book me, AJ as your personal travel partner? Press on the image to drop him an e-mail and commuincate about the details. Or make straight away a reservation via the reservation form. Prices: 1 person € 85,- 2 persons: € 125,- 3 persons: € 165,- 4 persons: € 205,-

You may ask yourself;

“why should I play and travel with AJ?”

AJ: “my experiences and career on Crete – on and off the Golf Course”.

Great company

For years working with people in the tourism branch and still loving it. Always in for a joke and a laugh. Competitive or just for fun.

AJ is there for YOU.

Maybe you are just looking for a golf buddy, because you don’t like to play alone. Some ‘chit-chat’ in the buggy and laughter after a horrible shot.

Course management

The Crete Golf Course is not the easiest one of golf courses. So handy if you know where the bunkers and hazards are and where to aim.

Where to aim at what position.

If you like to play an official game than you have to know it yourself. Otherwise use the knowledge of AJ and his video’s and course maps on this page.

Knowledge of Crete

Even if you decide not to go on a personal tour with AJ, you can learn an awful lot about your holiday destination. Where to go, what to do!

Funny details about the Cretans.

But once you realize how much detailed information AJ has or knows where to find it, you for sure consider to join him on your personal tour.

Very divers instructor career

You don’t have to talk all the time about Golf. AJ has been working in a diversity of branches. From owning a restaurant to sailing on yachts.

Many items to talk about

Since 1995 in the seasonal work. As a ski instructor, under water cameraman and dive master, flotilla leader and nowadays builds his own online platforms.

Video & Photo integration

During your round of Golf or driving range session you are busy making perfect shots. But who shoots those souvenir photos?

Have your photos taken.

Exactly right! It’s not possible to make a ‘selfie’ while hitting a golf ball. That’s why AJ brings his cameras and takes care of the video and photos, while playing.

All In One services

From door to door - from hole to hole. Everything is taken care of. You don’t have to bring anything but a smile please!

Leave all your worries behind.

As you can read on the package pages. All you need for a pleasurable round of Golf is taken care of by AJ. He picks you up and if necessary even dresses you. Just have fun!

Hole by hole, all explained how to play the Crete Golf Course. This is hole 1

I worked out all 18 holes for you. Visual and with data. Also available in a pdf form, so you can use it on your smartphone as a birdie book on the course. If you like to receive this pdf birdie book, send an short message to mail@aj4u.info

The Crete Golf – front 9 and driving range.

Filmed in 2016 by Jiannis Daskalakis

To Make Your Round Easier

How Do I Play?

HCP 4 is what I strive for.

Just for fun and just to learn. I keep track of some numbers during my practice rounds. Because I don’t play many official card rounds I don’t have a real handicap. When I train alone I play most of the time with two balls a nine hole round. The images of the cards shown above, were one of my best rounds so far.

TOTAL SCORE 9 HOLES (HCP 4) => 37 ==> 79%
GIR 9 HOLES (HCP 4) => 17 ==> 70%
TOTAL PUTTS 9 HOLES (HCP 4) => 18 ==> 85%

Check for my availability:

Legende availability AJ4U Golf-Guide and Mr. Routaki

Calendar does not exist.

* As you already could see, I can also be booked by those who have nothing with the game of golf. On mr.routaki.com you can read about the route descriptions that I have worked out in the past for my Routaki route descriptions. Therefor many call me Mr. Routaki. I can show you the island and provide you with ‘out of the box’ information.

If you are intersted drop me a mail. Prices for this day are simple; 1 person is € 85,- For every extra person I charge € 40,- extra, up till a maximum of 4 persons.

If you don’t play Golf – and still like to have an amazing short break !!

Besides being Golf & Guide on the island of Crete. I am also known as Mr. Routaki. Why? Read the following tabs.

your private tour guide AJ is on Crete also known as Mr. Routaki

AJ on as golf guide on the Crete golf CourseIn my passport is mentioned Arnoldus as the first of my four christen names. The first name my parents choose for me is Arjan, the writer and creative founder of this website. But because most English speaking people have problems pronouncing this name, I use my first two initials to be known for every body, everywhere.

But… on Crete I am also known as Mr. Routaki; small routes with the Cretan name-ending -aki.

I came on the island for the first time in 1995 and have done a variety of jobs. Therefore I know a lot about the island. Working out my Routaki routes, which you can read about on the Routaki website, I learned even more.

On my Routaki Blog roll I share my experiences on a regular basis. But most of all I enjoy driving around and show my guests the typical Cretan aspects.

As Mr. Routaki I prefered to stay away from the main national road; boring to drive and not without dangers.
All other options are open. My guests just have to let me know what they would like to do, keeping in mind that Crete isn’t a small island. You can mention your interests in keyword style.
If you like to be surprised mention your interests (keywords) in

Examples of keywords:
#wine_tasting #pottery #excavations #blue_bays #coast_lines #hiking #mezedes #olive_oil #shopping #museum #traditions #raki #orthodox_church #whisky-tasting #localhabits

If you like to know more about Crete you can check out the tab page about Crete, with all kinds of information about the island. The pages can be found on this website or the connecting Routaki.com site.

logo Routaki routes on CreteRoutaki routes on Crete.

In 2006 I had the idea to provide route descriptions for my guests who decided to rent a local car. In those days the product consisted of A4-papers folded in a little booklet, which where given out by me personally, accompanied by a CD or a audio cassette. 5 Day routes with more than 120 items of information.

Nowadays Routaki routes is a platform where freelancers can participate in the developing process into several languages. I take care of the Dutch versions and my goal is it, to provide more routes in the future. The routes are also visible on Google My Maps and for the use of the audio files you have to obtain a password to access to the website so you can listen to them on your own smartphone or tablet.

As Mr. Routaki I have the following suggestions:

beautiful abanded beaches, AJ - Mr. Routaki knows them all

Abanded beaches and crystal clear waters. Several to be found on any road trip for a refreshing dive.

hiking through typical Cretan villages

Typical Cretan villages. You pass them through and we can stop for some photos.

visit the CretAquarium in Gournes, Crete

Several parks as e.g. CretAquarium, Dinosauria Park or the little Zoo above Neapoli.

together with AJ-Mr. Routaki you can drive through the pottery village of Margarites

Visit with Mr.Routaki villages known for their home made pottery or broidery.

of course there are also options as:

very important monastery on the island, the Arkadi monastery

Important monasteries in the history of Crete, as e.g. the one from Arkadi.

amazing views in the vineyard area south of Heraklion

Driving through the vineyards and do a wine tasting at the local farmers.

the bottomless lake of Agios Nicolaos - ideal for a coffee break

Strolling through the city centres and use the terraces.

the famous Lassithi plateau - only half hour away from the golf course

Driving over one of the many plateaus in between the Cretan mountain tops.

So, I hope to meet you soon!

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AJ your golf guide during your camper golf tour